In English

In English

TeaterTasken is a touring childrens theatre. We have performed nationwide in Denmark since 1995 and in the later years also in Greenland, Germany and Sweden.

TeaterTasken's characteristic is the will to tell important stories, that touches people of today. We are dedicated to create a space of thoughts, reflections and laughter in the magical NOW of the theatre!

We know our audience is our most important co-players, which is why we constantly challenge our performances and thereby also our audiences. We look for performances that carry an element of hope and we wish to share this element with our audience.

TeaterTasken is now ready to go abroad with our two performances – the basically nonverbal Little Blue and Little Yellow and Abrahams Daughters which is translated into English, supported by the Danish Art Council, Kunstrådet

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Ages 4-8

Little Blue who enjoys dancing and Little Yellow who enjoys singing become such good friends that they end up turning green!

One day Little Yellow meets Little Blue. They discover that they can learn from one another. So when the story ends, Little Blue can sing and Little Yellow can dance.

Their parents don’t like them playing with another colour and do all that they can to keep them apart. But Little Blue and Little Yellow carry on and together they find all the colours of the world.

”Little Blue and Little Yellow” is a dancing and singing performance for children between the age of 4-8 as well as their parents and grandparents.

At first, the decoration is just a large white paper, but during the performance we paint on the paper, and in the end we have a great big picture.

The Width of stage: 6,40 m

The depth of the stage: 8 m, some of the audience sit at the scene floor.

The height of the stage: 3 m

We need a floor suitable for modern dancing.

The Daugthers of Abraham

Sincere and beautiful, devoted and agonizing.

The Childrens Theatre Newspaper

Two religions, two cultures and two people.

Yrsa and Yusraa are sisters. Yrsa´s mother is from Denmark and Yusraa´s mother is from Turkey, but they both have the same dad – or they did. He just passed away.

TeaterTasken chose the story of Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his own son, as the focal point of their story. Muslims and Christians have this story in common but told in two different versions. The two sisters argue about which version is the right version. But their discussion is also about their inheritance and their relationship to their dead father.

Just like in the real world it can be difficult to define where the line between religion, money, culture etc. is.

Hiding behind ”Them” and ”Us” are futile. Without each other we are lost. We believe that if you know your own story, you might be better able to listen to the stories of others.

TeaterTasken does not perform The Daugthers of Abraham any longer but please contact us if you are interested in buying the english script and rights.

Direction: Lene Vestergaard

Set design: TeaterTasken

Idea and manuscript: Karen Nielsen, Laura Kamis Wrang and Lene Vestergaard

Translation: Laura Kamis Wrang

On stage: Laura Kamis Wrang & Karen Nielsen

Age-group: 12 years and up

Duration: 50 minuttes

Stage space: Width: 4,5 m Depth: 4,5 m

The translation has been supported by the Danish Arts Council 2011.